Friday, April 3, 2009

Related Words: Review by Frans de Waard - Vital Weekly number 672


'The pieces present the unadulterated sounds of agronomical livestock production places', as recorded by Luis Antero (first piece), and Marcus Kuerten (second piece), and a remix of that by Zhang JW from Beijing. He is probably behind this Chinese download label. Its been a while since I visited a farm and heard the call of animals, but the Antero piece is quite nice, with all sheep making noise. The lord is my shepherd, what are we, I kept thinking when hearing this. It has a great minimal music quality to it. Kuerten recorded cows in the stable, but its much less in your face than Antero, and makes a much more atmospheric recording than Antero. Its a nice one, but not as strong as the singing sheep. The remix is something that is best forgotten. A rhythm machine, bad samples and bad synths. (FdW)