Monday, April 12, 2010

Podcast: Bleepshow #475 - Bypass showcase

Bleepshow is a podcast of electronic music compiled, hosted and produced by Pete Cooper. It’s full of greatness, awesome and win.

This is Bleepshow #475. A showcase of the Bypass netlabel.

Tracklist for this show:
  1. Olympic Smoker – Instant Happiness [Bypass 25]
  2. Cagey House – Air Queen [Bypass 55]
  3. ZhangJW – 13 [Bypass 8]
  4. Mel – Priming [Bypass 41]
  5. Macabro – Whispers [Bypass 44]
  6. Cursed Chimera – Lo-Aquios Alsa [Bypass 20]
  7. EugeneKha – Disobedience Holiday [Bypass 19]
  8. StorungStelle – Unfinished (RIP Diathroda) [Bypass 33]
  9. Pharmakustik – Abutment [Bypass 53]
  10. ZhangJW – 03 [Bypass 4]
  11. Microbit Project – Illegal Illusion [Bypass 26]
  12. Enko – Termit [Bypass 42]
  13. ZhangJW – A3 (RuiD France Remix) [Bypass 32]

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