Saturday, February 28, 2009

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2月25号Bypass同时发布了两张音乐作品, 分别是来自拉脱维亚的macabro的BP021和美国的IDM艺术家Cursed Chimera的BP020. 位于意大利的radioflash FM97.6电台的W A L K M A N podcast第56期节目收录了Cursed Chimera的音乐作品. 这里引述noCo...mment对BP020的评论:

For once, let us have an expeditive view on that extremely fine writing doubled with a total control of half-tones atmospheres and if you add a title such as that splendid "infinite caustic change", you know the rest.

以及Synthema.RU的macabro BP021俄语介绍:

Со временем музыка пережила существенные изменения в звучании и концепции - более жесткий нойз-звук превратился в теплую эмбиент-атмосферу. Сейчас артист много экспериментирует с дронами и "полевыми записями", также используя различные звуки, даже такие как колокольчики, свистки, ксилофон итп. Последние работы можно причислить даже к гитарному эмбиенту, впрочем гитарный звук временами изменен до неузнаваемости

Новый альбом - Drink To The Drowned Ones - это смесь теплого гитарного звука с глубокими атмосферами и дронами в духе аналоговых, уже немного старомодных, синтезаторов. Концепт и основная идея альбома - эмоциональное путешествие в глубину самых глубоких морей или океанов. Но нет! эта дорога совсем не наводит на мысли о похоронах или о чем-то так же трагичном, это скорее меланхоличный и задумчивый саундтрек.. солнечный блюз глазами утопленника
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北京时间2月28日晚20:00法国音乐电台n0theen 24/7 opensource audio / netaudio stream将播放1个半小时左右的Bypass专题音乐节目, 欢迎届时在线试听, 并支持自由产业音乐.

In der heutigen 90-Minuten-Show stellen wir Euch das chinesische Netlabel “Bypass” vor, welches in letzter Zeit durch einige außergewöhnliche Veröffentlichungen auf sich aufmerksam gemacht hat. Labelhead Zhang JianWen hat für uns einige seiner Perlen ausgewählt, aber hört selbst…

01 ZhangJW - A4
02 ZhangJW - A0
03 Billy ‘Bong’ Kenny - Albatross
04 Billy ‘Bong’ Kenny - 18
05 Mell - Un
06 Mel - Phase
07 Olympic Smoker - Knifes Guns and Money
08 Olympic Smoker - Nindend0 Pr0n
09 Da-Da-Da - A Toy 3
10 Da-Da-Da - D-dada
11 Phillip Wilkerson - Incident 1
12 Phillip Wilkerson - Incident 2
13 Siegmar Fricke - Sutur
14 Luís Antero - Train Station
15 Spanse - Other Moon
16 Spanse - Silken Thread
17 ZhangJW - Pleh
18 EugeneKha - Soft Water
19 EugeneKha - Return To Earth

Thursday, February 19, 2009

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12Rec Netlabel的创始者目前就职于Phlow Magazine的Bettina Rhymes为Phillip Wilkerson先生的Incidents in Spring [BP016]写了一篇Review:

"我们可以罗列出很多运作于德国的Netlabel, 但是中国, 我想只有一个, 那大概就是Bypass"


we can learn that most Netlabels are run by Germans. China, in contrast, is listed with one entry. I guess this is Bypass, the only Chinese label I know at least. Their catalogue number 16 comes from US American Phillip Wilkerson, whose minimal Ambient makes me think of German Electronica... and so the wheel came full circle.

According to his website, Wilkerson is a busy man. He has a good cue of releases with the usual candidates for experimental Ambient/ Drone stuff (Clinical Archives, Treetrunk, JNN). I do not consider myself an expert in his oeuvre, but Wilkerson's EP "Incidents in Spring" makes me speculate to become one.

Phillip Wilkerson shifts harmonious layers of processed textures, each rich in tone and design. His sound is artificial and glitchy, still Wilkerson manages to enshrine the warmth of his source material. While the first two compositions are plain Ambient or Drone, tracks three and four come off with songwriting qualities. Rural beats, transparent instruments (if you dare to call that cheapo GM piano in "Incident 4" an instrument) at interfering micro-melodies make me think of German Electronica like To Rococo Rot or Kreidler. Auspicious.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

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德国杂志Beat.de的2009年第三期总第43期发表了关于ZhangJW - Pleh的评论, 点击此处下载和Bypass ZhangJW相关的第94和第95页PDF, 德文引述:

Zhang JianWen ist Betreiber des chinesischen Elektronik-Labels bypass. Da verwundert es nicht, dass es sich der Soundingenieur und Musiker nicht nehmen lässt, von Zeit zu Zeit seine eigenen Werke auf der Heimatadresse zu veröffentlichen. Mit "Pleh" legt er eine weiteres Meisterwerk experimenteller ambientischer Klangausflüge vor. Für ein Stück wie "Testing Code" würde ein Jean Michel Jarre wohl derzeit seine Großmutter verkaufen. ZhangJW muss das nicht und beweist, dass die Elektronikszene in China wächst und gedeiht.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

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Phillip Wilkerson先生举荐了他的好友来自俄国的Evgenij V. Kharitonov先生加入了Bypass, 他的Return to Earth [BP019]. 一些俄国本土的网站对其进行了传播. 像Free Dance Music, Music For Modern Minds. 以及Kreislauf.ORG, 感谢n0theen站长Mogwai本人对其的支持.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

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Bypass加入了第一位非本国的亚裔艺术家Aogu Yoshida, "Mel - Un"编号BP018. 引述Thierry Massard的法语评论:

regardez attentivement cette fascinante image que l'artwork de "un" le projet mel d'Aogu Yoshida pour bypass, regardez ce Juste préambule d'un désir naissant et de plaisirs en devenir, cette partition filaire atmosphérique nous renvoie très justement à la juste collision d'une réalité (recording fields) certes panoramique avec une abstraction paisible. "un" est un ouvrage d'une apparente grande rigueur autant qu'un délicat et magnifique exercice de style - ありがとうmel

Thursday, February 5, 2009

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Bypass on NTNS Radio:

Playlist November 1st 2008:

Delia Derbyshire does John Peel
Gustavo Becerra Schmidt - Batuque (1971)


Ryonkt - All the things which I see (Lunar Flower)
- Night walk
- The river which flows slowly
- Asphalt
- Color and form
- Time with the lovebird


Specta Ciera - Mystic valley parkway (Distance recordings)
- No more sleeping over
- Moving closer
- Distant ice cream truck
- The firefly story
- A whole bunch of thunderstorms
- Purple morning glory


Gustavo Becerra Schmidt - Obra Electroacustica (Pueblo Nuevo)
- Nocturno (1971)
- Quipus (1978-1980)
- Strukturen (1978-1980)
- Ballistocata (1979)
- Poema para percusiones sampleadas [musica cibernetica] (2008)


Pablo Sanz - Ruidos Adventicios (Desetxea)
- Estertor sibilante
- Sollozo cavernoso


Siegmar Fricke - Omentopexy (Bypass)
- Sutur
- Omentopexy
- Protusion


Disastrato - Très textual (
- Lessons on conversation
- part 3 - a pointless point in time
- Frusques - naylon
- Zapping air shapes
- Fresh remarks (oha)
- Seni seviyorum
- Prenses
- So sade (Minik Kediler)
- Tasting Duchamp
- Finest art for the vain grandchildren of the vicomtes
- Criiiiiiiiiiit (glacier de galas)
- Another nightmare for Herr Taner
- Give up
- Une vague dressée at Neitherlands


Mystahr - Sophical
Controlled Dissonance - Sunday
dust ft. flaw5 - 080727201

January 31st 2009

Preshow preview of Philip Wilkerson's Penumbra;
to be released on Just not Normal, february 7th.

Delia Derbyshire does John Peel

Ian D hawgood - Her name was frailty (TestTube)
- Frailty as the source of all things
- Rat heart modifications


Dave Seidel - Sublimation (NetnewMusic)
- The Gemini Nebula
- Owllight
- Unstill light


Op.cit. - Under the sweel (Constanta)
- Into the sweel
- Viceversa ver.3 fig. D
- Lapelled
- The sweel / Meela


Jonathan Zorn & Rachel Thompson - The tea bazaar (Frozen Elephants)
- The tea bazaar (Part 3)
- Dishes to feedback, are you there


Eluder - Drift (Archaic Horizon)
- Sun prayer
- Float with me
- Moon plea


Asolaar - Grimace (Sincro)
- Biomeridiano
- Circo de mezcalina
- Fuzzware
- -Enjambre activo
- Grimace
- Diciembre dos
- Gel deslizante
- Minicooler b
- Minicooler a
- Litio
- Las cosas que me gustaria mostrarle


Luis Antero - Sound Narratives vol. 1 (Bypass)
- Train Station
- Water – Part 3


Children Egoism - Eleven Axis (No Echo)
- Insect
- Lyssadegma
- Sunstairs
- Cowcrowd
- Mould glitch