Thursday, December 31, 2009

Especially thanks: Top 3 2009 thierry massard / noCo…mment on Dogmazine

thierry is the one who was lead us walking into the netaudio world, he introduced me to know about n0theen, his writing gaves me such help. A deep thanks to you my friend, thanks all you did for me and for Bypass.

Best respect.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

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This absolute is a surprise, we got Top-5 Songs 2009, Top Netlabels 2009 and Best Creative Commons Albums 2009 but in together.

Deeply grateful to people who gave us too much in this year, we wish everyone of you will got a inspired 2010, merry xmas all!

Review: [BP047] Eskazed - Overload Reviewed by: Pete Woolley on Blacklash Magazine

Over the current crop of French electro-purveyors – Feadz, Kavinsky and Teenage Bad Girl to name but three fancies - Eskazed is a current favourite. His debut, Overload, is a fantastic release that has seemingly fallen under the radar. Sourcing a wide range of influences, notably hip-hop and trip-hop abstractions, but also, as is evident on The Final Wish, there is a healthy appreciation of rock melodrama. Some tentative treatment of the classic guitar lick, which itself could’ve been pinched from an (unfortunately) underwritten indie anthem, provides a late zeal to an otherwise thorough album.

Opening track, The Black Sheep Revisited compounds Eskazed’s sound into a compelling introduction. Opening amid a broad Boards of Canada influence, synths loop over and through each other in a spatial plain that is arguably better suited to the mid bugged out halcyon days of the 90s, but it’s Eskazed’s cuts that really present this work as something to admire. A solo, boxy drum fill augments the hip hop influence, and wakes the track from its slumber. The stuttering beat continues layered over and under an injection of vocal and melody.

‘Seethe’ pushes onwards, whirring warning sounds drop the track into darker reaches than its sleepy precursor, and knowing we can’t float on like that forever, Eskazed places a perfect foil. And it’s a pattern that persists because he has produced a record, and not just another series of songs to add credence to a label compilation. It might not be an album to push any boundaries, but simply one that deserves to be heard and enjoyed.

Reviewed by: Pete Woolley

Monday, December 14, 2009

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By Mikel:

There are no walls for netaudio, neither physical nor virtual.

Based in China, Bypass netlabel is actually one of the most active and prolific netlabels. Around half a hundred releases on genres predominantly IDM or Ambient, come to state the musical aesthetic of the platform and featuring artists from the most diverse countries.

Its curator, Zhang Jian Wen, has colaborated with INQ with this selection of tunes that reflect the main stylistic core and are an appropiate approximation to the work of Bypass.

01 – macabro [Latvia] – Three Years
02 – Smallbox [Austria] – Paradigm (Photophob RMX)
03 – Araya [U.K. Scotland] – Indigo Shoots
04 – Olympic Smoker [Russia] – Quintessense
05 – Syndrôm [France] – Le Chaudron Et La Sorcière
06 – Cursed Chimera [United States] – Bunny
07 – Mel [Japan] – Steady-State
08 – ZhangJW [China] – Historys
09 – Enko [Ukraine] – Mioride
10 – Laiila [Germany] – Oblivious Of The Beauty
11 – Laiila [Germany] – In Falling Apart By Proxy
12 – Nick R 61 [Russia] – Evolution of Phone
13 – Phillip Wilkerson [United States] – Twilight
14 – Luís Antero [Portugal] – The Sea
15 – Megatone [Moldova] – Blue Abyss
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well, I've already recorded that what I was thought about "The Best Creative Commons Music Moments in 2009", but that stimulation was goes to double.

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El netlabel Bypass llega a su referencia numero cincuenta, para la cual cuentan con un trabajo de Joao Ricardo, mas conocido en el mundo del netaudio como O.C.P. (operador de cabine polivalente). Conocido por sus numerosos trabajos en distintos netlabels, entre otros Test Tube, MiMi o Enough Records. Hoy en día gestiona su propio netlabel EdP (Editora do Porto),con excelentes resultados.
O.C.P. es un interesante proyecto de Glicth/Ambient, con un sonido personalisimo, Joao es un experto creador de collages sonoros a partir de casi cualquier fuente. El sentido y coherencia viene dado por el conjunto y la inteligente relación que se produce entre los distintos elementos: sutiles atmósferas, texturas, subgraves, etc. Finalmente en muchos tracks va surgiendo una estructura rítmica, a partir de glitches, cercana al dub.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

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well...i must talk about this in Chinese.

年底的由Phlow.de发起的The Best Creative Commons Music Moments in 2009自然是一年中最为重要的一个活动. 由全世界24位最为活跃的自由音乐活动者每天评选出全年的5个最佳Netlabel, 5首最佳歌曲及5张最佳专辑. 而我感到颇为荣幸的是, 在第4天的活动中Bypass Netlabel由n0theen电台的Mogwai投票选举为全球数以千计的5个Top Netlabels 2009中的一个.