Tuesday, March 31, 2009

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BP021的macabro - Shine Like We Used To被收录于MANTIS第34期Podcast, 并于28th March 2009 at 18:00 GMT播放于www.brap.fm. 感谢DVNT的工作.

DUB_TEQ on the showcase. Presented by DVNT.
Broadcast 28th March 2009 at 18:00 GMT on www.brap.fm


K.A.L. - The Whiskey Fist (Skywave Systems Remix) [Myuzyk]
macabro - Shine Like We Used To [Bypass]
DraCo - Soulcatcher’s Relic [diggarama]
Tatsu - Bump Foot [Bumpfoot]
John Tejada - From Empty Words [Palette Recordings]
K.A.L. - 1985 (Posthuman Remix) [Myuzyk]
Infusion / Freeland - Starwater / Nowism (Bassbin Twins Edit) [Marine Parade]
Kid Carpet - Can’t Stop the Pop (Si Begg Dub Remix) [Sunday Best]
Michael Forshaw - Cheerleaders (Si Begg Remix) [Crime]
Veztax - Monster [Zimmer Records]
rANdoMoiDz - Raggage Baggage [Digital Distortions]
DJ Donna Summer - Rock Rock Rock (Aaron Spectre Remix) [Cock Rock Disco]
Epison - Petrol Bomb the Fuckers (Point B Remix)
Full Spektrum - Solve The Problem [Urban Scrumping]
+ Siege - Manuoevre [Shadow District]
Po - Janette [Ante Rasa]
Technogladiators - Isch Rock [Nerven Germany]
Galaxian - Scuffle [Black Montana]
Dead Pres - Hip Hop (DFRNT Dubmix) [dubplate]