Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Review: Recent music heroes: Cagey House - Calico Pastry Sunshine (2011)

/Psychedelic, Art-pop, Plunderphonics, Film noir, Cut and paste, Avant-garde, Experimental electronica, Space age pop, Hauntology/

Firstly, Dave Keifer aka Cagey House hides behind himself a peculiar phenomenon where the music of him seems to be sounded outside of the recent era, mostly back to the 60`s and 70`s, yet, it is strictly future music on its own. Secondly, as he is used to manipulate with samples and sounds, he is able to evoke lots of good memories and direct it upon the listeners as well. In the recent case, however, psychedelic electronica meets space age pop meets hauntology, all of which is wrapped up in the concept of plunderphonic/sampledelic music as Keifer has practised during more than 10 albums so far. Still, it is greatly funny and even some art-rock-ish tunes can be heardable over a long stretch of time. By the way, the coverprints of Keifer`s albums are still used to be great ones.