Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thierry's words of Fescal - Lethal Industry [BP056]:

"The share of our subservient illusions - the balance - and still run away the consistency of things, the pernicious perception of senses and ideas - Confusion - escape the unwelcome reality - rush over more - believe it - losing touch - believe - take a side road and sometimes abandon all control - Pragmatic and insightful. Fescal explores this portion of our glittering desires where are meshing delicate balance between benign outlook and terra incognita - a diffuse frontier bordering distant interlaced grating and sometimes a few slender dark laminars (aboon) - But stop ! Back to reality - a single moment - the thickness of our (precious?) evidences - a short moment but the matrix distorts again and not without a graceful agility - soon the contact will be broken, sailing on an uncertain surface, unless we still are not dockside - motionless traveler - a certainty ... In the meantime, keep on cheering !" says he somewhere." – Thierry Massard