Thursday, February 19, 2009

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12Rec Netlabel的创始者目前就职于Phlow Magazine的Bettina Rhymes为Phillip Wilkerson先生的Incidents in Spring [BP016]写了一篇Review:

"我们可以罗列出很多运作于德国的Netlabel, 但是中国, 我想只有一个, 那大概就是Bypass"


we can learn that most Netlabels are run by Germans. China, in contrast, is listed with one entry. I guess this is Bypass, the only Chinese label I know at least. Their catalogue number 16 comes from US American Phillip Wilkerson, whose minimal Ambient makes me think of German Electronica... and so the wheel came full circle.

According to his website, Wilkerson is a busy man. He has a good cue of releases with the usual candidates for experimental Ambient/ Drone stuff (Clinical Archives, Treetrunk, JNN). I do not consider myself an expert in his oeuvre, but Wilkerson's EP "Incidents in Spring" makes me speculate to become one.

Phillip Wilkerson shifts harmonious layers of processed textures, each rich in tone and design. His sound is artificial and glitchy, still Wilkerson manages to enshrine the warmth of his source material. While the first two compositions are plain Ambient or Drone, tracks three and four come off with songwriting qualities. Rural beats, transparent instruments (if you dare to call that cheapo GM piano in "Incident 4" an instrument) at interfering micro-melodies make me think of German Electronica like To Rococo Rot or Kreidler. Auspicious.